1. Hiring

Skilled Candidates Speaking Good English 

You select the team or the role you need to hire, we choose and interview the best talents suiting your need, we onboard the hired candidates and sign contracts, both sides be our company and the hired condidates, no long term engagement from your side.

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2. Onboarding

Your remote employees will be operational withing days 

Hired teams will be provided with needed computers and confy desks, hired employees work in our local offices to ensure high productivity, connectivity, access to tools, support and the mentoring needed to get your tasks done in time and quality.


Equiped offices with lightning speed internet   

Teams will start working on projects and tasks you provide, either via the project manager or in direct communication to you, high quality webcam and high speed internet is provided with premium remote tools like Zoom.

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4. Payment

We manage it all, you only have to pay your invoice   

At the end of each month you’ll be paying an invoice with the equivalent of the salaries of your remote employees in your currency of choice. It’s our responsaibility to take care of everything related to payroll and benefits according to local laws. We guarantee the payment of the salaries in time and in local currency. 

You want to know more?

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