What to Wear for a Zoom Interview as a Male?


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    Are you preparing for a Zoom interview and wondering what to wear? Look no further! In this article, I will provide the ultimate guide on what to wear for a Zoom interview as a male. Whether you’re a recent graduate entering the job market or a seasoned professional looking for a career change, we have the answers you need to make a lasting impression.

    In a Zoom interview as a male, wear a button-down shirt, smart jeans, or suit trousers to maintain professionalism. If the role is formal, consider a suit jacket. Shoes should be professional, even if not visible. Avoid excess black or overly bright colours. Research the company’s dress code to ensure alignment.

    Preparing for a Zoom interview involves more than just choosing the right shirt and colour. In the following paragraphs, we will explore other essential factors requiring your attention.

    Achieving the Perfect Dress Code for Your Zoom Interview

    A job interview requires more than just your qualifications or the content of your answers. When your interview takes place over Zoom, as many are these days, the attire you choose can be a make-or-break factor.

    These are 6 things that you need to keep in mind while selecting the right dress for your next virtual interview:

    1- Determining Your Outfit’s Formality

    The degree of formality your outfit should have can be determined with research. Check the company’s social media to gauge its dress code. Try to reflect the company culture in your attire rather than simply copying the company uniform.

    2- Selecting the Ideal Shirt Type

    A button-down shirt is always a good place to start. Offering versatility, you can dress it up with a tie or play it down by unbuttoning the top button.

    A stylish polo shirt or a classy t-shirt might be more fitting for casual roles. If you’re interviewing for a company with a strictly formal dress code, consider layering a suit jacket over your chosen shirt. It’ll add that extra touch of polish to your appearance.

    3- Should I Wear Pants for the Zoom Interview?

    While you might think pyjamas are a viable option for a video interview, think again! Wearing smart jeans or a neat pair of suit trousers enhances your professional look and gets you in the right mindset for the interview.

    4- To Tie or Not to Tie

    The question of whether to sport a tie can be solved with some pre-interview reconnaissance. Dive into the company’s social media pages to gather clues about the company culture. And remember, a tie is an opportunity to showcase a bit of your personality. Use it to add a splash of colour or an interesting pattern to your outfit.

    5- What Colour Outfit is Best for Zoom Interview?

    Your clothing’s shade can significantly impact your appearance on camera. Here are a few things to keep in mind while selecting the dress colour:

    1. Avoid excess black clothing, especially if you have a lighter skin tone. This can lead to a ‘floating head’ look.
    2. Very bright colours might be difficult for your webcam to process, causing a glow or haze around you.
    3. Try repeating colours within your outfit to create a coordinated and professional look.

    6- Should You Wear Shoes?

    While it might be tempting to wear cosy slippers, opting for a professional pair of shoes will enhance your confidence during your Zoom interview. A neat pair of brogues or formal shoes can complete your look.

    Things That You Should Never Do

    Here’s a list of things you should avoid doing or wearing during a Zoom interview:

    What Not to Wear on a Zoom Interview?

    1. Excessive Black Clothing: Wearing too much black might cause you to appear like a floating head on camera, especially if your skin and background are darker.
    2. Overly Bright Colours: Bright red and orange can cause overexposure and form a slight haze around you.
    3. Bright White Clothing: Similar to excessively bright colours, wearing white can cause your camera to overcompensate and emit a glow, distorting your appearance.
    4. Pyjamas or Inappropriate Lower Wear: Despite the temptation, it’s not advisable to wear pyjamas or casual clothing on your lower half, even if it won’t be visible on camera.
    5. Uncomfortable Clothing or Tie: Your comfort matters. Don’t wear clothing or a tie that makes you uncomfortable or uneasy.

    What Should You Avoid in a Zoom Interview?

    1. Poor Lighting: Make sure you are in a well-lit space. Poor lighting can negatively affect your appearance, making it hard for the interviewer to see you clearly.
    2. Incorrect Camera Positioning: Set your camera at the right angle, ideally at or above eye level. This helps maintain good ‘eye contact’ during your interview.
    3. Neglecting a Tech Check: Ensure you know how to use Zoom and that your internet connection is stable. A tech glitch during your interview can cause unnecessary stress and interruptions.
    4. Ignoring Background Distractions: Choose a quiet and distraction-free location for your interview. Unnecessary noise or movement can divert attention away from you.
    5. Checking Your Phone During the Interview: Focusing on the interview is essential. Keep your phone in silent mode and out of sight to avoid distractions.


    1- What Colours Show up Well on Zoom?

    Generally, darker colours like royal blues, greens, greys, browns/tans, and purples are recommended to appear well on Zoom. Softer hues, such as pale blue, are also favourable. Solid colours or simple patterns are preferred over complex patterns.

    2- What Colours Not to Wear on Zoom?

    Avoid bright or neon colours for an optimal Zoom experience, as they may distract or cause visual discomfort. Similarly, colours resembling your skin tone or the background should be bypassed for adequate contrast. Complex patterns, appearing busy on-screen, should be avoided.

    3- Can I Wear Black to a Zoom Interview?

    As a general rule, wearing black during a Zoom interview is acceptable. However, consider industry norms and company culture, and dress appropriately. And also avoid wearing too much black as well.

    4- What is the Best Look for a Zoom Interview?

    Generally, darker colours such as royal blues, greens, greys, browns/tans, and purples are recommended for Zoom meetings. These colours come across well on video and create a professional and polished appearance.
    Final Thoughts

    Your attire can greatly impact the first impressions you make in an interview. Dress for the job you want, consider the company’s brand values and let them guide your outfit choice. After all, your appearance can say as much about you as your words can. Good luck!

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